Unlock your full revenue potential

Let us show you how to build your company, how to attract an abundant amount of subscribers, how to take control of your company and make it thrive.
Our revenue building strategies have worked for our own newsletters and dozens of other small to larger newsletter publishers, and they can work for you too. Once you start building…

Unlock your full revenue potential


Uncensored publisher’s audit

Newsletter Masters provides not only a disciplined and comprehensive approach to auditing a publisher’s structure, staff, operations and policies, but supplies integrated strategic platforms and processes to enhance all aspects and levels of internal strengths.
More importantly, there’s a publication service and marketing campaign review to determine potential subscriber behavior response trends and competitiveness. We know, as surely as …

Mentored By owners and partners:

When prospective clients ask what qualifies us to mentor publishers about building their newsletter businesses, our answer is simple… We did it for ourselves.
If your staff keeps running your business the same way, doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts, you’re going to keep getting the same results. But if you want …


Founders Letters to Publishers

The self-made millionaire, entrepreneur announces his most powerful revenue and asset building tool ever – the new newsletter consulting service.
First, let me introduce myself. My Name is Jeffrey G. Greenberg, Co-Founder of Newsletter Masters.
You may have heard about some of the newsletters I’ve helped create and developed in the past such as Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street, Bottom-line Personal and Richard Simmons Newsletter.
I’ve had the good fortune to see them become the largest and best-selling newsletters of all times on the subjects of investing and self-improvement.
The management and marketing strategies developed with these publications and the many other more recent publishers shown here in “Our Clients” category, have been successful sensations. You’ll probably recognize most of today’s leaders but the unfamiliar ones are also very successful in their own right.
When prospective clients ask what qualifies me to help publishers build newsletter businesses ….


About us

Newsletter Masters is a management and marketing company that specializes in aiding newsletter publishers achieve their business and sales goals. We have over 40+ years of combined experience helping publishers create newsletter businesses, expand their current business and rejuvenate declining circulations and revenues.
In addition, our experience is derived not only from working and consulting at top levels but from also owning some of the largest publications in the world. We take great pleasure helping other publishers unlock their full revenue potential, auditing strategies and structures, and mentoring staffs to become tomorrow’s super publishers.
Let us help you master your full asset and revenue potential.

Our Team

Jeff Greenberg

Jeff Greenberg | Co-Founder

For a new entrepreneur, it was a dream termination. In 1992, Chairman Brian Smith of Newsletter Holdings, the 70 million dollar Alexandria, Va. – based publisher, released his Senior Vice-President and marketing …
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Steven Fishman

Steven Fishman | Co-Founder

Mr. Steven Fishman has significant entrepreneurial experience as well as various corporate strategy developmentand implementation expertise.Over the past 18+ years, Mr.Steven Fishman has provided …
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Vadim Zeltser

Vadim Zeltser | Director of Business Development

Mr. Vadim Zeltser’ passion is sales. For the past 20 plus years he has been training individuals in sales techniques on how to develop and generate extraordinary in-house sales. His 20 year …
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Our Clients & Commanders

We would first like to thank all those wonderful publishers listed below and those not specifically mentioned here who had a hand in making our newsletter services successful. Even though we have helped build their businesses, it is their enthusiasm, hard work and “mad” smart insights that have also helped us become better advisers.



Mauldin Economics

Mauldin Economics



Bottom Line

Bottom Line



Weiss Research

Weiss Research

Business Management

Business Management

Wyatt Investment

Wyatt Investment





American Lawyers Media

Boardroom Reports



Gartner Group

Gold & Energy Investor

John Wiley & Sons

Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street

Leeb Capital Management

Oxbridge Directories

Oakstone Publishing

Research Institute of America


Aggressive Trader

Beta Financial Publishing

The Complete Investor

Corporate Reports


Dr. Joy Browne’s More Joy

Dr. Joyce Brothers’ Emotional Letter

Income Performance Letter

Jeff Greenberg Publi shing

J.G. Communications

Million Dollar Portfolio

Natural Choices for Optimal Health

Real World Investing

Richard Simmons & Friends

Small Business Tax Control

Trading Desk Pro

Wealth Without Risk

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Let us show you how to build your publication, how to attract an abundant amount of subscribers, how to take control of your marketing and make it bulletproof.
Our strategies have a proven track record of success and have worked for publications we’ve owned and dozens of other newsletter publishers. They can work for you too.
Once you start utilizing our strategies and building your business you will never want to build it any other way. Your outlook, your future security, the way you generate revenue and build your assets will be permanently changed for the better.
And the best part is, you have absolutely nothing to risk by contacting us today.
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