Founders Letters to Publishers

The self-made millionaire, entrepreneur announces his most powerful revenue and asset building tool ever – the new newsletter consulting service.

First, let me introduce myself. My Name is Jeffrey G. Greenberg, Co-Founder of Newsletter Masters.

You may have heard about some of the newsletters I’ve helped create and developed in the past such as Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street, Bottom-line Personal and Richard Simmons Newsletter.

I’ve had the good fortune to see them become the largest and best-selling newsletters of all times on the subjects of investing and self-improvement.

The management and marketing strategies developed with these publications and the many other more recent publishers shown here in “Our Clients” category, have been successful sensations. You’ll probably recognize most of today’s leaders but the unfamiliar ones are also very successful in their own right.

When prospective clients ask what qualifies me to help publishers build newsletter businesses, my answer is simple…I did it for myself.

By the time I got an MBA, I was cutting my teeth for ZiffDavis Magazines analyzing circulation statistics for $17,000 a year to support myself. After working a dozen more years as the top marketer for the biggest newsletter publishers…

I went solo to build my own multi-million dollar newsletter business. It took learning just about everything there is to know about management, finance and direct response marketing to create, build and sell newsletters.

Along this journey I also made just about every mistake you can. I have learned which holes never to step into again. Knowing what not to do, increases my chance for greater successes.

But in time, I learned the right strategies not only to attract subscribers in abundance, but also how to constantly multiply their long-term value…

You see, when it comes to making revenue grow and building assets, the people best qualified to teach you the ins-and-outs are those who have acquired self-made newsletter wealth themselves.

Generally speaking, this elite group does not share their secrets.

As a result, most advice you hear from other consultants comes from those who merely worked for others and never actually put their money where their mouth is or couldn’t find another position and got into consulting by default. These folks do a good specific job but,in my opinion, never see the big picture.

You need someone who can lead you by example and share real personal experience. A person who grasps the whole newsletter business picture from multiple angles, from business operations to marketing strategy to editorial direction to copywriter mentoring and execution. Someone who is not afraid to tell you that you’re wrong and that there’s a much better alternative. Someone who you can confide in and relate to.

And that’s what I can do for you. The priceless strategies that took me decades of trial and error to discover can now be revealed to you and your staff.

But I know as surely as I know anything that you will not be disappointed, because what I will teach you will change how your company generates revenue and builds assets.

So go ahead, contact us today if you want something better for your company.

What kind of strategies are we talking about?

Now, let me also introduce myself. My name is Steven Fishman, I am a Co-Founder of Newsletter Masters. I’ve also been a newsletter owner, my experience runs the gamut from building newsletter businesses out of thin air to managing day-to-day operations as COO. I believe that there is little that I have not seen and overcome when it comes to a newsletter business’ internal and vendor operations.

Strategies and dreams are great but making them into reality takes fortitude, guidance and a little hand holding.

We will mentor and help you implement on a one-to-one basis, proven strategies to help enable you to…

  • Attract an abundant number of free and paid subscribers
  • Slash your expenses
  • Create multi-streams of revenue
  • Increase response 10-25-50-150-1,000% and higher
  • Turn your marketers, IT, editors and assistants into bigger contributors than ever imagined possible.
  • Get out of doing the same mediocre routines once and for all
  • Slip out of high cancellation rates
  • Earn an extraordinary income

If you want to grow your business faster, have more assets and free flowing cash, you should know “how to leverage” your current assets to increase positive cash flow and maximize various revenue streams.

Perhaps most fascinating of all, you will discover secrets you never imagined about building a newsletter business.

You will learn, for example, that subscribers do not behave logically. But they do behave with predictability.

And once you learn to understand the nuances of subscriber behavior, money will flow.

Also contrary to common belief, you will discover why budgeting is necessary but NOT the best stepping stone to wealth. The only person who ever built wealth with a budget was the man who started Budget-Rent-A-Car. Budgeting requires sacrifice. We will show you how to create more revenue to spend, not relegate yourself to spending less.

If all we do is make you financially sound, we have failed you. Our ultimate goal is to see you possess all the revenue you need to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it, and most important of all, having the ability to enjoy it thoroughly without worry or looking over your shoulder.

We realize that all this may be a bit hard for you to accept right now… and that’s perfectly understandable. Many publishers we work with feel that way at first.

But these strategies can work for you too because they have not only worked for the companies we’ve personally owned but have worked for many, many other large and small newsletter publishing clients. We’re dedicated to your newsletter prosperity and personal achievement.

Of course, we know that the only way you will really believe what we’re saying is to see your newsletter business respond to our advanced strategies. This is why we want you to try our strategies without worry or regret.

We’ve found ways to make it easy, convenient, inexpensive and worry-free for you to explore these strategies that there is literally nothing to stand in your way…

So go ahead, contact us today and let’s discuss your future success.