Mentored by owners and partners

Let Your Staff Master Strategies of Super Publishers

When prospective clients ask what qualifies us to mentor publishers about building their newsletter businesses, our answer is simple…We did it for ourselves.

Your team can also learn how to achieve something better in your publishing house:

  1. Move cash flow and revenue up.
  2. Move lifetime subscriber value up.
  3. Move free and paid circulation up.
  4. Move asset worth up.
  5. Move staff’s abilities up.
  6. Move expenses down.
  7. Learn from our successes and mistakes.

If your staff keeps running your business the same way, doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts, you’re going to keep getting the same results.

But if you want something better for your company…

…If you want to turn your marketers, techies, editors and assistants into bigger contributors than ever imagined possible…

So go ahead, contact us and let us help springboard careers…