Steven Fishman Co-Founder

Mr. Steven Fishman has significant entrepreneurial experience as well as various corporate strategy development and implementation expertise. Over the past 23+ years, Mr. Steven Fishman has provided visionary leadership as Chief Operations Officer and Compliance. This progression through the ranks of executive management has honed his business acumen, resulting in a proven track record of results.

During Steven’s early tenure with Leeb Capital he oversaw all aspects of the firm’s business operations from client development to back office management. In 2003, Steven was one of the founding members of LeebGroup (Investment Newsletter Company). During his tenure with the Leeb Group, Steven led its operational and compliance functions from start-up through substantial growth, encompassing multiple publications with over 200K subscribers and a large money management division.

Steven brings a proven proficiency in developing and leading operational strategies within the financial publishing and investment advisory (RIA) industries. While running Leeb Capital, he has also guided the investment advisory (RIA) company through multiple regulatory agency exams with no violations.

Steven has a keen understanding of management policies, coupled with the ability to lead highly cross-functional teams productively. Core strengths are creating, developing and executing innovative solutions to complex structural problems and daily operational issues while effectively guiding staff through transitions. Since 2011, Steven has been advising high profile investment adviser and publishing companies develop their operations, private client groups, registered newsletters and 1st amendment financial publications.

Steven’s ability to build confidence and trust with all levels of staff, helps accelerate strategic applications beyond expected goals. Open communicator with hands-on management style and superior ability to mentor/ train staff on company objectives.